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HAUSH tenant's guide to end-of-lease cleaning

Any person who has rented knows how crucial it is to leave a rental property in the same condition they found it in. Whether it’s an entire room or an entire house, deep cleaning a leased property is mandatory for every tenant residing in NSW.


Therefore, thinking about making your life easier, HAUSH created the tenant's guide to end-of-lease cleaning, everything the tenant needs to know before getting their bond back.

What Does End-of-Lease Cleaning Mean?

As per the Fair Trading NSW regulation, tenants must leave the property in the same condition it was in when they started renting, including its cleanliness.


Once the tenant has moved out at the end of the lease term, deep cleaning and sanitization are deemed essential to getting your bond back. A bond is the security deposit given to the property owner or landlord at the beginning of the lease.


Once it is submitted to the Department of Fair Trading NSW, the rental bond can only be released once the tenancy comes to an end. Property managers can also claim the tenant’s bond if the rented space has been damaged or not been cleaned properly.

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Standard Cleaning vs. End of Lease Cleaning

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It is important that you prepare the rented property for a final inspection with an ‘end of Lease Clean’. 


Standard cleaning will only rid your home of dust and dirt, but end-of-lease cleaning is a deep clean of all your rooms – inside and out.


It includes all sorts of tasks, such as cleaning inside cabinets, washing your walls, skirting, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, outdoor, gardens and pool areas, and more.


Since your bond is dependent on this, it’s necessary to use proper cleaning materials and agents to remove marks and build-up from living areas and surfaces.


While standard cleaning is part of daily maintenance, bond cleaning is only performed when a tenant has moved out of the leased property. 

Checklist: end of lease cleaning

In case you don't hire a professional cleaner for your end of leasing, HUASH has prepared a vacancy checklist as a guide for you.

1. Kitchen 

1.1 Cooking Areas

Wipe down all surfaces, removing all traces of food and spills.

1.2 oven

Store-bought chemical cleaners will remove the toughest grease, simply follow the instructions on the can. If you prefer a more planet-friendly option, use baking soda added with water to create a paste.

Clean oven racks too. 

1.3 Rangehood/extractor fan

Remove any oil marks, clean rangehood filters and ensure the light is working.

1.4 Sinks

Remove food from the drain and clean taps and water spout.

1.5 Benches

Wipe down all surface areas and walls.

1.6 dishwasher

Clean inside, including all racks and rubbers. Remove food from the filter and rinse.

1.7 Refrigerator

Pull out and clean behind and underneath.

1.6 cupboard

Empty and wipe out. 

2. walls

Using sugar soap wipe down all walls. Scrub off marks and fix dents or holes and repaint if necessary, remove cobwebs from corners.

Sugar soap is the best to remove marks on walls. Simply add to a bucket of water and use a non-abrasive cloth to wash the entire wall and scrub the darker marks. To fix dents use wall putty. Allow it to dry for several hours before sanding and repainting. Take a small piece of the existing paint to the store to make sure the colour is a perfect match. Larger holes can also be fixed using putty and self-adhesive mesh from your local hardware store.

3. windows & mirrors

Clean all windows and doors inside and out. Be sure to clean in the window tracks and blinds.

Clean with washing detergent and dry before finishing off with glass cleaner. Use newspaper to wipe off glass cleaner as this will minimise streaks, leaving your windows and mirrors sparkling.

Use a wet cloth to wipe blinds to avoid spreading dust before washing the window. If cleaning outside windows it is recommended to wash them with soapy water first. Blinds should be wiped with a wet cloth to remove dust before you clean the windows.

4. cupboards & drawers

Empty and wipe clean.

5. Ledges

Wipe clean all ledges including, windows, skirting boards, top of doors, sliding door tracks.

6. lights

Clean all light switches and lights, and replace non-working bulbs.

7. extras

Any appliance or furniture that was provided, should be cleaned and left in the condition they were received in.

8. floors

Vacuum or sweep floors before mopping and steam clean carpets.

9. bathrooms & laundry

Vacuum or sweep floors before mopping and steam clean carpets.

9.1 toilet

Scrub and disinfect including under the seat and around the outside of the bowl.

When leaving a rental you can also clean inside the toilet tank. For a simple clean or to remove mineral deposits, pour some vinegar into the cistern and leave overnight before flushing. However, if more effort is required turn off the water to the toilet and drains the tank by flushing repeatedly.

Put on gloves and clean the empty tank with bleach or a commercial cleaner. Turn the water back on and fill the tank before flushing cold water through the system until the chemicals are cleared.

9.2 shower

Clean glass, taps and shower head, remove mould from grout, mop floor and allow the area to dry


Use shower foam or vinegar paste to scrub soap scum from the glass. An old toothbrush will help scrub mould from grout and to clean in other hard-to-reach places. make sure to scrub the drain and remove hair. If using chemicals remember to turn on a fan.

Clean the basin and drain, and wipe down all bench tops, wall tiles and taps.

9.3 extras

Wipe down soap holders, towel rails, toilet paper holders and ceiling fan.

Here are even more tips for cleaning bathrooms including steps for making your own eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

10. outside

10.1 yard

Mow lawn, weed garden, trim trees, sweep paved areas.

10.2 bins

Add household detergent or disinfectant to a bucket of hot water and scrub using an abrasive cloth. Alternatively, for an environmentally-friendly option pour several cups of vinegar into the bin and add hot water. Allow it to soak for several hours before scrubbing. Leave them turned upside down in the sun to dry.

10.3 patio

Clean and hose down all outside verandas or decks, remove spiderwebs and clean any appliances including barbecues. 

10.4 garage

Empty and clean any oil marks or dirt, remove cobwebs and clean garage door.

11. damages

Make sure that all damages caused by you and other tenants have been fixed before you move out.

want to ensure that you will not compromise your bond due to end of leasing cleaning?

If you find end of lease cleaning a bit complicated and want to hire a professional cleaner, don't worry, HAUSH will send a professional cleaner to get all these tasks done. Contact our office or your property manager and request an end of leasing cleaning


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