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who we are


where it all started

HAUSH was born in 2016, created by our CEO and founder Thiago Gomes Figueiredo.

His idea was to develop a social platform with tools for people who were searching, renting or living in accommodation in Sydney transforming the housing experience into something social, secure and collaborative.

The first HAUSH accommodations were created to be a laboratory and better understand the barriers and needs of students and travellers in finding accommodation in Sydney.

In 2018 our general manager and co-founder Leo Rocha joined the HAUSH team.

At that time HAUSH had already understood that the problems faced by students and travellers in finding accommodation were greater in real life and that this community needed a partner to facilitate the offline process.


That's when Leo Rocha came up with the idea to pivot HAUSH business model and goes deep into the offline process, providing fully furnished accommodation, bringing all the ease that HAUSH wanted to bring to the market, creating an end to end process for renting accommodation, creating and strengthening the community of students and travellers in Sydney.

Since then, HAUSH has been growing, creating new partnerships, opening new accommodation in the most varied areas of Sydney, bringing opportunities and increasing the range of services for the community of students and travellers, introducing the living as a service concept into the market, becoming the solution for which it was created:


transform the housing experience into something easier, social and secure.


where we are

Thiago Gomes

CEO & Founder 

More than 15 years of experience, a solid foundation in global brands and different disciplines in the marketing and innovation industry, working as a Digital Strategy, innovation Strategist , Startup Builder and Business Solution.

Awarded in the Cannes Festival as the first Brazilian professional in Digital Marketing & Innovation in 2015.


More than 12 renowned awards in the advertising industry such as: Clio Awards, CCSP, Maximídia, LIA 2014 (London International Awards), El Ojo Iberoamerica, Prêmio Lusos 2014, Cristal Festival 2014, Caples Awards among others.

His mindset is to make HAUSH the biggest Accommodation community in Sydney later expanding to a social platform.

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Leo rocha

general manager & c0-Founder 

Economist with more than 5 years in logistics industry leading operations in global companies like Qantas.


Within his main skills are business development, operational management and partnerships. In his professional journey Leo Rocha was responsible for expansion of successful operations building teams able to support and establish fast growing. 

Leo Rocha is also a real estate agent and he has big connections with student travel agencies, universities and big players from the real estate sector.

His mindset is to make HAUSH the largest expansion case in the accommodation market in Sydney, later expanding to the other states of Australia.

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our team members

HAUSH has a plurality of talents in its team to ensure an end-to-end solution to the clients. The idea is to go beyond what the traditional market offers delivering the highest solution ever seen.


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Shop 3 / 160 Anzac Parade, Kensigton 

NSW 2033, Australia

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